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OpenEVSE - No Boot and No Contactor Click

I recently had my OpenEVSE with the v4 board and Packard C240C contactor stop functioning. I purchased a new v5 board and also “upgraded” my wiring connectors to all use ferrules. However, I still cannot get the newly rebuilt unit to work. The LCD doesn’t come on at all. In the previous build, I would hear a relay click when powering up the unit or starting to charge, but no noises occur.

I’m attaching images of my wiring in case something obvious is apparent. As an FYI, my J1172 is a recycled Chargepoint cable with the 3-wire (white/black/green) plus the pilot wire.

(15.9 MB)

I can also confirm that it can take a firmware update.

I am happy to say I am back operational, but quite embarrassed about why. After testing and seeing no voltage across any contact points, I decided to open up the wall plug connector. Apparently, I tightened the wiring a bit too hard and had pulled one of the AC leads out of its terminal point connector. Upon fixing that rather fundamental problem, all is good (except I guess I need a new LCD, as that didn't come back to life).

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