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Problem to Setup WiFi

I'm in trouble to setup WiFi to connect to my network . First of all, I coudn't connect on OpenEVSE wifi, the default username: admin password: openevse didn't work, so after trying several times to login and searching for a solution I saw the post and did the hardware rest on the Wifi module holding down the GPIO0 button. After this, the OpenEVSE wifi didn't ask to login and I could connect on my network, but I coudn't acess the next screen so I can't configure the energy monitoring. I tried navigate to the IP address shown on display(, http://openevse.local/, and http:openevse/ and none of this worked. I'm stuck on this screen,I would appreciate it if someone could help me. Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian and it's not my native language 

My wifi unit has stopped broadcasting.  EVSE is now wall mounted outdoors, so it's very awkward to get at any pins or buttons on the wifi module while powered up (also kind of risky working inside the box cover with the high voltage AC live!)

I made a separate topic post about the failure mode so won't repeat it here.  I think the wifi reset switch ought to be (a) triggerable via the front panel button menu system or (b) accessible as an external physical switch.  Tinkering around with an open lid and the system live at 220v sounds pretty sketchy to me.

After your station connects to your wifi it will reboot.

A new address for your network will be on the display.

Use the new address to continue.

I went through the steps where I connected to, saw my home network, typed in my password and then hit connect. I don't know how to get back to the display on the openevse to show its IP address. So I looked on my router information and it shows that the EVSE did connect but now the connection is not active. While I was charging my car, it was active but I still couldn't connect to the address. I pasted the information from my router. However I can't ping or bring up the web server from the EVSE from the address. The unit charges my car fine and I love it, just want to get the WiFi connected. Thanks.


Meant to ask, is there a way to reset the WiFi to the startup state so I can try again and verify that the WiFi is working? Also is there a way after you connected the EVSE to your home network to find out the IP address on the EVSE itself?

Unplug your station and plug it back in. The IP Address will be displayed on the screen each time the station boots as it connects to your network. If the connection fails it will automatically fall back to setup mode.

You reset to defaults by pressing the GPIO0 button on the wifi module for 10 seconds while the module is powered up.

Thanks, that worked. Still held the same IP address but now I was able to open a browser page and view the status.

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