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Problem to Setup WiFi

I'm in trouble to setup WiFi to connect to my network . First of all, I coudn't connect on OpenEVSE wifi, the default username: admin password: openevse didn't work, so after trying several times to login and searching for a solution I saw the post and did the hardware rest on the Wifi module holding down the GPIO0 button. After this, the OpenEVSE wifi didn't ask to login and I could connect on my network, but I coudn't acess the next screen so I can't configure the energy monitoring. I tried navigate to the IP address shown on display(, http://openevse.local/, and http:openevse/ and none of this worked. I'm stuck on this screen,I would appreciate it if someone could help me. Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian and it's not my native language 

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After your station connects to your wifi it will reboot.

A new address for your network will be on the display.

Use the new address to continue.

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