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Ring Terminals to make "Standard" cables into "Advanced"

I have a v4 Standard Kit that I built and unfortunately stopped working (and warranty expired) so I purchased the v5 Advanced Kit ( to replace the guts and try again.  But I just realized that my J1772 and NEMA 14-50 cables are terminated as ferrules, and not ring terminals, since they are the "old" version.  I need ring terminals so the cables will work with the 50A S&D relay.  Can you recommend (or do you sell?) "lugs" (not sure what to call it) that will convert the ferrule to a ring terminal?  Or should I cut them off and re-terminate them with ring terminals (and if so any suggestions there)?  Thanks!

There are a couple options. 

We can send a wiring harness so you could use your Packard C240C with the new parts. However the S&D relay is quieter (no AC hum) and allows charging at both 120v and 240v.

Or you can convert the cables. You will need to cut the ferrules off and crimp the ring terminals on. These are the terminals we recommend.

I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to say I ran into the same issue after my old standard model from 2017 finally died on me and I picked up a new advanced kit. Thank you for linking to the recommended ring terminals!
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