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Relay is not closing

I have done the 40A advanced charging station connection as per the procedures given. I have tested the control pilot circuit and connected WiFi also to my computer. the problem is that the relay is not closing and also when i put on the charging mode it is showing no ground. Can you please tell what might be the reason for not closing of the relay? 

No Ground can be caused by:

A bad connection to Earth Ground

A bad/poor ground from the OpenEVSE Controller to the Ground plane in the station.

Missing AC_Test wires to the load EV Side of the Contactor

Relay that is not closing

Can you send a picture of your wiring?

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Thank you for your quick reply Sir... I have cleared the no ground fault by  connecting one of the terminal of 12 relay to the common terminal of the relay on the openEVSE board and the other to the relay 1 / relay 2. when i have changed the connection the relay got closed and its showing charging.

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