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A little help - reprogramming

I picked up an Open evse that I used for my 'old' 2013 leaf - set for 3.3  - but I picked up a new 2018 leaf - and I want to change the 120V and 220V amps - where do I do that and what version firmare do I use?

I can post pics of the board...  I think I got it from Chris Howell or somewhere in CA in 2014.

Anyone care to lend a hand?  This one uses an arduino uno.



Christopher, unfortunately I do not.

Right now I'm reverse engineering the board - and I've found an instructable for a shield - I found some info on the line sense...

Do you know where I could find the complete info for this project?  It is about 5 years old and does work... I'd just like to make it 'nicer'

The one I have has no dual color led and is wire wrapped.  I checked through my build last night and I noticed that instead of the D107E I have a different DC to DC converter. and it looks like it would work..

Retirement is finally giving me the time to finish all the little projects I started!

Where is the info on past open evse arduino projects?


If you have a display and button you can press and hold to enter the menu and change current there.

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