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How to reset WiFi Password?

Newbie here.

I got as far as connecting the OpenEvse WiFi to my house router ... could see the system charging.  Yippee!

Then I must have done something wrong (not that I know what I did) because my web browser now can't get to the charger.  Browser says:

      Log in to   <this was assigned by my router

         ,/ Username

         ./ Password

I've tried admin / admin,   openevse / openevse , and a lot of combinations and other stuff.  Nada.

So how do I reset the WiFi module back to factory default?  

Thanks!   -Cliff

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I sent the Huzzah chip out on April 10th; I've not heard a peep since then.

  Did it arrive?

  Has it been reprogrammed?

  Has it been sent back to me?



Yes on all 3. I will send the tracking via Email.

Still have not received anything.  Friday 20 April.  Please email the tracking number. 

A good argument for building hardware reset of wifi password:  it's now been three weeks of downtime and frustration over a truly trivial problem.

We agree with you. The 1.0 version had this feature. In 2.0 it was removed in favor of using the button to switch from client mode to Access Point Mode.

We are looking at putting firmware wipe back on the WiFi GOIO0 button (easy to do we already have the code) and using a super long press on the Front panel button to switch from client mode to Access Point Mode (a bit more difficult to do).

When you setup WiFi again make sure your browser does not autofill the username and password field or set them to something you know.

Hardware factory reset option has no been implemented in V2.7.4, sorry for the hassle.

i have a similar issue.  Somehow the uasername/password combo no longer works.  I looked through the browser passwords and found it and it matches what I thought I set it to.  I have the one of the latest WIFI firmwares and my understanding was that it would allow me to reset the password by using some sort of menu button presses.  I've put in a ticket requesting assistance but I've not had any response yet.  So I have a very dumb charger right now.  which is ok.. it is charging for what I need, I'd just like to get my unit updated and accessible.

To reset to factory default press and hold GPIO0 for 10 seconds.

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