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How to reset WiFi Password?

Newbie here.

I got as far as connecting the OpenEvse WiFi to my house router ... could see the system charging.  Yippee!

Then I must have done something wrong (not that I know what I did) because my web browser now can't get to the charger.  Browser says:

      Log in to   <this was assigned by my router

         ,/ Username

         ./ Password

I've tried admin / admin,   openevse / openevse , and a lot of combinations and other stuff.  Nada.

So how do I reset the WiFi module back to factory default?  

Thanks!   -Cliff

I sent the Huzzah chip out on April 10th; I've not heard a peep since then.

  Did it arrive?

  Has it been reprogrammed?

  Has it been sent back to me?



Yes on all 3. I will send the tracking via Email.

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