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Help Troubleshooting - No boot

Hello -

Several weeks ago my charger stopped working (it had been working for a year). It was not charging my car correctly (it would make all the right noises and show the right status but then my car would never charge). It would work a little bit sometimes and then stop - it would show no throughput but charging.

Then it stopped turning on. Plug it in and...nothing. If you take the top off you can see when you plug it in that an led on the wifi board flickers.

I wish I knew more about troubleshooting this....i could follow the guide well enough to assemble it but this has thrown me a curve ball. Any thoughts?

I don't know what was going on but replacing the OpenEVSE board resolved the issue. However the old board also seems to work now that it is outside of the box. The inconsistency of my issues makes me want to believe this thread: could be related. Now that I know how to flash the device.....perhaps I'll make that baords change and tackle compiling it. Looks like the current release still has the other value.

I am having a similar issue - one morning I went to check my charger and it was "off" even though it was plugged in and my car was connected (now not charging because no power).  Tried unplugging it and replugging it in - nothing.  I have the "Standard Series" with OpenEVSE 4, firmware version 4.8.0.

I started doing some troubleshooting - I can connect to the main board with the USB to serial device and send RAPI commands / get responses.  It's also outputting 5V to the LCD board (when I use the USB to serial), but it seems that something is wrong with the LCD because I have to dial the contrast all the way to one extreme to see anything, and even then all I see is faint "white" (I think it's white - it's the multicolor LCD) rectangles on both lines.  And nothing happens beyond that.

I'm leaning toward reflashing the main board like Mr. Christian stated, but the LCD issue has me worried.  Or, maybe there is something I need to do to the LCD / LCD board?  Any ideas?

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