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No Errors does not start charging


I have put together an OpenEVSE  for my Tesla. I is in Europe with 3-phase relay connected to the AC-relay output.

It does not show any errors. When I connect the car the display changes to "Connected" but does not start charging and does not close the relay. If I activate the relay manually it displays "Service required Stuck Relay".

Any hints what is going wrong?

Thanks Andreas from Switzerland

I also have a nonworking new build (sits in ready).  How did you manually trigger the relay?  Did you otherwise debug this?

I just unconnected the relay input and fed it manually. This was to test, if it is just a problem of the relay. If no one comes up with an other idea I will have to check the communication signal with an oscilloscope.

Andreas. It sounds like the vehicle may not be sensing the cable is connected via the proximity. The station detected the vehicle via the Control Pilot (CP) and the station goes to Connected mode. At this point the station is waiting for the vehicle to pull the voltage down to command charging to start.

John. Your issue sounds like the Control Pilot is not getting to the station. I would check that the pilot line and ground are correctly connected.

Chris: I had attempted to post a new thread (twice) with a lot more details on what I checked.  I see evidence of pilot at the CP pin on the handle (5.8V on DMM set to DC, 12VAC on DMM set to AC).  However it seems the forum lets me respond to existing threads, but not create new ones due to being a new user.  Can you approve my post from this morning (and reject the one from last night as it has less detail)?


Chris: I posted pictures to my own thread, but seems to be waiting for moderation.


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