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How to edit open_evse.h and load firmware to OE module

I want to edit the open_evse.h file and then load it in the OE module. I am  used to the Arduino with which I compile and then load. Reading the "How to Load Open EVSE Firmware (WinAVR)" guide it appears that what is required is to make the physical connection and then run the "flash" file. I have located the file which I have opened. It has  the flash file in it. 

So would I just edit the the open_evse.h file, save it and then run the "flash file"?

I tried to compile the open_evse Arduino file but just got into a mess as it seems that the required libraries are configured as headers somehow???

Thanks for any help with this question.


I have found this forum topic -

How do I change settings on the basic kit with no display or button?

This seems that I just edit the open_evse.h file and then load it with the programmer. I am guessing that I would use the procedure in the How to Load Open EVSE guide.

I bought myself an AVR Dragon a while ago due to an excellent and very motivational book I read about C Programming for Arduino. It looks like I will work my way through this book now to determine how the OpenEVSE is configured.


To edit the source code, you will need to download all the source files and folders from the OpenEVSE Github page then open in the Arduino IDE or PlatformIO. Once you edit you can build compile and upload.

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the reply. I am not an expert in Arduino / C++ coding. I have downloaded the files from Github. What I got was the Open Evse stable file which I unzipped and opened. What I found was one Arduino .ino sketch file and a number of other .h and .cpp files a few folders. IOt looks to me like the Github package contains all the required code and it a matter of "building" the incuded sketch with that code to get it to compile. I think that if I can get it to compile that will give me the binary file that I can then upload using ISP. What I want to do is change the baud rate and maybe the maximum amps. I know how to edit the .ino sketch to do this.


I do not understand the syntax "./Wire.h". I have the wire library in the Arduino IDE but the sketch does not compile with that library. What to do? I am reading my coding books but so far I am not finding an answer about this syntax and how to get it to compile.

I also do not understand what to do with the folders. Might they be other pages in the sketch?

Thanks for any replies.

Will the learner

Has anybody sucessfully compiled the OpenEvse Arduino sketch? I do not seem to be getting closer with my efforts to compile.



hi, I just compiled openevse v4.8.0 with minimal 6A L2 parameter modified with arduino ide 1.8.5 on kubuntu linux 64 bit. use the src.ino found in the firmware/open_evse/src/ from the source code download.
in arduino ide/ file/preferences menu, click on verbose ...compilation box. the compile. one of the last line tells you where the .hex file is saved.

i have updated my openevse firmware to v4.8.0 and hope this v4.8.0.1 will do the trick to charge slower overnight as the v3.11.3 did :) untested .hex file enclosed



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