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Portable Solar charging station

 I was considering finding a way to make a sliding roof rack that can hold 4 full-size solar panels that could be opened up when the car is parked and used to trickle-charge the battery when plug-in power wasn't available. 

It started when I found this deal:

1.06kw worth of panels.. In my ideal scenario, When folded out, it would be about 5'5" x 13'.  Compacted would be similar to having a turtle pack on the roof of the car.

Is anyone attempting anything similar currently?  The one other project I saw looks like it's specifically needing an internet connection to feed data between the solar array/inverters and the charger.  Since this would be remote, it wouldn't have internet access.

Bringing an old thread back from the dead, did you ever find a way to make this happen? I am thinking to do something similar but on a slightly larger scale and even more remote. I am thinking a foldout set of up to 10 panels to charge a Tesla Cybertruck while in camp.

Charging an EV requires AC power, it is possible to charge in an off grid setup. You will need:




Monitoring system to communicate with OpenEVSE to increase, decrease, stop as solar output varies

OpenEVSE Advanced station

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