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RAPI commands

In RAPI command line $SH*BD what is does the BD do. I have been looking for explanations of what various options following the * in basic RAPI commands execute. Is there a link that explains what the arguments following the * are.

Thanks, Greg

The full documentation of RAPI is in the rapi_proc.h file in the source code. Here is a link to the currently shipping "Stable" version:

The * indicates the following characters are a  8 bit sum of all the characters before.

OpenEVSE RAPI supports 3 types of checksum none, sum and XOR.

ck = 2-hex-digit checksum - 8-bit sum of all characters before '*'

xk = 2-hex-digit checksum - 8-bit XOR of all characters before '^'

Development versions of RAPI also include a sequence number so commands and responses can be fully verified and validated.

Chris, thanks for the quick response.

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