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Kw / Kwh with 3 phases

Hello, I think that the power is calculated with just 240 x Amp.

As I  used 3 phases, I would like to calculate it with

400 x I x V3 x Cos(Phi) ?

Do you know if it is possible ?

Thank you




taking into account the SQRT(3) and the voltage of 230V that is applied for L2 voltage (you should change this as well because default value is 240V), you just have to multiply with a factor 3 the original energy value:  400V * V3 = 230V * 3

 if (g_EvseController.GetCurSvcLevel() == 2) { // first verify L2 or L1

 g_WattSeconds = g_WattSeconds + (VOLTS_FOR_L2 * 3 * current / 1000); // accumulate Watt Seconds for Level2 charging, factor 2 for 2-phase charging, factor 3 for three phase charging



Additional request for the developpers.

My charging stations are used for single phase charging, two phase charging (Tesla on grid without neutral) and three phase charging. The factor that I apply is 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Would it be possible to add the code for a menu item where one can select the number of phases used to charge the car? 

So, number of phases used?

with three options: 1 - 2 - 3

Would be nice if someone could post the code to do this.

Now I install the option that will be applied the most frequently.

Many thanks,


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