New Product - OpenEVSE WiFi Kit

New Product - WiFi Module for OpenEVSE based on the Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 Module. 

WiFi Module for OpenEVSE, supports logging current measurement and temperature sensors to the OpenEVSE servers. The WiFi Module provides easy setup by starting up in Access Point Mode allowing the SSID and Password for your network to be input.

Once setup a settings can be modified on the local network via a web browser.

Supported sensors

Current Measurement on OpenEVSE v2.5 or higher
Temperature - RGB LCD v1 or v2
Temperature - RGB LED v2
Temperature - Mono LCD v2


Huzzah ESP8266 WiFi Module
UBEC 5v Regulated power module
Custom Power communications cable
OpenEVSE WiFi code Pre-loaded

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The Wifi board sends current in milliamps. So to convert to Amps the feed multiplier should be .001.

If you wish to see in Kw the feed multiplier would be .001 (to convert milliamps to Amps) and then multiplied by voltage. If our voltage is 233 then then .001 x 233 would be .00233 

It looks like you widget is reading power in WH. To get the current, divide it by the voltage.


Chris, I looked at the Huzzah firmware, and it looks like you have a new stable version with enhanced tabbed web interface. Is it considered stable and production ready? I didn't see any official announcements.


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