New 3.5" Color LCD display

We are currently building the first batch of full color graphical displays with WiFi.

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4 LEDs on the back create a really nice glow.

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The new screens look great! I placed an order a few days ago. It hasn't been fulfilled yet. Will I receive the new LCD screen? 

Yes, all kits and stations ship with the new display. We phased out the old display a month ago. 

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Update - We shipped a bunch new displays on Monday, mostly Advanced kits. A bunch of kit bundles are going out today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) and Factory built stations A few each day. Products with the new displays should be hitting your doorstep very very soon.

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That's awesome to hear! Eagerly awaiting my kit bundle. The new LCD screen is a nice surprise. 

I am also waiting for my kit to arrive; the new display module is fantastic!

Also, I was looking for the code that supports it, and can only found this PR:
github dot com/OpenEVSE/openevse_esp32_firmware/pull/745

Is the code not ready yet?

The code was originally developed with an Elecrow LCD development kit. We quickly realized the 4MB was not enough for both the OpenEVSE WiFi portal and graphics. We built custom hardware with 16MB ESP 32 Modules. The code is currently in the Elecrow_ESP32_HMI branch will be merged with master soon.

We are currently manually running the build but a official release will be available after merging.

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I'm torn.  I love the idea, but also love the simplicity and "rugged" nature of the character LCD.

My brand new kit arrive in Aussie land last week, thanks for building such a great kit.

There is a bit of a QC issue with whoever supplies the LCD assemblies which I think you should know about:  Pin 38 was not soldered to the PCB (or it was underneath the pad and cracked and I couldn't see) which resulted in boot loops when the device was mounted vertically and enclosed, and after about 5 minutes of run time it would get progressively worse.  My assessment is it was coming away from the PCB when in operation and warming up.  It's also summer and very hot and humid here.

I fixed it by touching up the solder joint and it has been rock solid ever since, but you may want to double-check that to avoid complaints and having to ship out new boards under warranty etc the symptoms could be very random 

Can you provide part number for the thermometer board? I already assembled my kit and forgot to make a photo :)

Temperature board is MCP9808.

I received mine the other day.

Bad bit first (get it out of the way). The shipping has cost me dearly - I ordered the kit, and having paid the UPS shipping fee, I did not expect to end up paying 30% duty (US duty is supposed to be 12% AFAICT) to the guy who was literally demanding money at the door (not a scammer, I did get the parcel). over £100 shipping in total has really taken the icing off the price, especially since if the kit had been shipped in a couple of smaller parts, it wouldnt have qualified for any duty at all...

Due to the way it's shipped, the contents have scuffed the inside of the front panel, which spoils it a bit. some foam glued in the screen hole would go a long way to preventing that.

A sheet of paper or something explaining what was in the box  would have been nice. I did guess, but the temperature module isnt on the website AFAICT? I also had a wire left over.

On the plus side, I was not expecting to receive a nice colour TFT, so that was a bonus.

I've wired it up and was pleased to discover that it selected a (mostly) sensible 13A default (which I dropped to 8, since I was testing it on a 13A plug socket).

Slightly alarming bug (IMHO) in that when selecting type2 charging, it selected 24A max, when I had chosen 8 before. I havent retested this since the firmware update.

Updating the firmware worked (you have to very carefully follow the prompt in the web interface - it took me a few goes.) After update, the update dialogue itself worked much better.

Overall, I'm quite happy with it. I've stuck the temperature sensor to the top of the case - is there temp. monitoring for the relay as an option?

It'll happily charge my Zoe Q210 and a Prius Gen4, at least up to 13A (brief test).

I'm a bit lost in the terminology at the moment, is it possible to use something like CanZE to read out the cars battery level and report it to OpenEVSE, in order to control charging?

Also, what options do I have for saving money in the UK - does anyone know if any energy providers offer deals that I can use the connectivity of OpenEVSE to "interface" with ?

 Oh, and mine didnt have the orange current trip test wire in the kit - should I add one? how?

@Ian Molton The GFCI test wires are now internal to the coil case. We ordered so many the manufacture got tired of wrapping them by hand and made it an official product. They are now Black/White instead of Black/Orange.

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