2015 OpenEVSE Build Contest Winner - Craig K.

2015 OpenEVSE Build Contest Winner 


Steampunk OpenEVSE creation by Craig K. a fully functional 1910 Wooden Wall Phone Charging Station.


Congratulations Craig K. the 2015 OpenEVSE Build contest winner.

Craig restored the classic telephone by replacing the receiver with a new-old-stock receiver (receiver is the term for the ear piece).  Everything functions as well as it did in 1910.  He could connect it to plain-old-telephone-service  and would raise an operator by cranking the crank - I kid you not. Craig has a 2G cellphone module but is holding off on integrating until he can be sure I'm not going to destroy it with the high voltage AC produced by the crank.

Check out Craig's video and submit your builds to info@openevse.com, the 2016 winner will be chosen August 1st, 2016.

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