New Product - Color LED v2 with temperature sensor

The OpenEVSE team has been focused on safety since the project began in 2011. Recently a new safety feature was added to the OpenEVSE firmware to monitor the internal temperature of the charging station. If things get too hot... charging current is reduced or stopped.


Version 2 of the Color LED adds a MCP9808 high precision temperature sensor, providing OEMs and DIY builders a low cost solution to status indication while adding the necessary sensor to provide temperature monitoring and throttling.

OpenEVSE Color LED v2 with Temperature sensor

Is this an add on temp sensor or a replacement for the LCD display

The color RGB LCDs with the clock already have a built in sensor. This can be added to stations without a display or stations that do not have the RTC clock chip.  

I bought OpenEVSE Color LCD v2 + Temperature

I already had a 2015 Colour LCD + RTC

My WiFi unit seems to get temperature data. Do I need to install the LCD V2?

Likely not. All LCDs with the DS3231 RTC chip report temperature.

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The WiFi/OpenCMS reports an IR temp TMP007 on Temp3, is that actually supported? It always reports 23C on mine, wondering if it is not present or is broken. Also has an MCP9808 for Temp2 but always reports NaN. The DS3231 on Temp1 is fine.

I have the exact same question as Chris Meier.

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