Upgrades to data.openevse.com

The OpenEVSE Data site has been significantly upgraded over the last couple days. I apologize if there were brief periods where the site was not available.

Here is what is new:

SSL - Secure and Encrypted use https://data.openevse.com/emoncms/ 

New Virtual Server with the ability to increase Storage, CPU power and RAM at any time.

Latest EMONCMS version 9.2

New Device. Add a device with the node ID, select OpenEVSE and Inputs and feeds are created automatically

All the data was migrated successfully,

Dashboards may need to be tweaked a little in some cases by re-selecting the feed source.

I just pushed an update to the ESP8266 code to use the Device key instead of the Global API key. This provides finer security as a specific device can only write to its own Node ID and can not read or write to other devices or resources.

To get a Device key 

Login to you account at  https://data.openevse.com/emoncms/

Click Setup >> Device Setup

Edit existing device (click pencil icon) or select "New Device"

Set node to desired value (0-9) and Type to OpenEVSE

Set Name and Location

Click Check mark

If you want to automatically setup inputs and feeds

Click the paper icon

Click "Initialize device"


Using the new Open EVSE WiFi module, 

1. What is this data steam OpenEVSE_VOLT mine returns -1 in the inputs screen.

2. I think this "OpenEVSE_AMP Current Measurement" data stream is actually power in Watt not current in Amp.

OpenEVSE does not have a voltage sensor. I am pulling voltage and current from an EMON TX v3 clone I am working on.

OpenEVSE sends data up as Amps then the data.openevse.com multiplies voltage to get watthours.

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How is OpenEVSE calculating watt-hours for the LCD if it doesn't read voltage?


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The site is down since at least yesterday evening. I hope it will come back up better than ever.


Hey Christopher - I noticed that data.openevse is down - I also noticed some instability in the new ESP8266 code too - Is this possibly because it's failing to connect to data.openevse? It crashes pretty hard. I have to power cycle the ESP8266, and then it only stays up for a minute or two before crashing again.  Any thoughts on this matter? (recovering from a connection error, if that's such a thing?)

Awesome work at any rate, thanks again!


web site is reporting the sql server is down now.

Is there an ETA on a fix?

The past week has had outages.

Hey everybody - I changed up the server (and some very minor code on the ESP8266) and my OpenEVSE is now happily reporting to https://emoncms.org/dashboard/view&id=29702 and has been stable for 24 hours. If it stays up for a week I think we'll have a better idea of what's causing the instability. 


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The site is back online, but I can't login into my account. Anyone else has this problem?


The issues at data.openevse.com was due to the server running out of disk space. The site is back online running on the backup server while the primary is being rebuilt with much more disk space.

The instability with the development release is something else all together. I am still working bug fixes and performance improvements for the new client. 

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Chris, thanks for the update.

 I still can't login into my account. Probably it was completely erased because I could create a new one with the same email. On the new account I see that "device" is communicating every 30 sec., but all "inputs" are "n/a".

Hello -

So there are some problems posting data -

When I send this manually through my browser...


I get a big ugly

Not Found

The requested URL /input/post.json was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at data.openevse.com Port 443

but when I do the same request to emoncms.org I get a nice sexy "OK" back.

I hope this helps you?


Andy Baker

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fall back to backup server seems to have lost all my data back to early May. That could explain missing (newish) accounts. Chris are there plans to merge the data bases from the old and new serveres once the old goes back to beinhg a backup? Cavram
Andrew, you missed /emoncms in the URL


My new account didn't work because of an error- I forgot to change "New Node" to "0".

Anyone figured out how to build the graphs for daily kWh and total kWh over time?

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