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Can I use the 50A deluxe kit with 120V

I've just put together a 50A deluxe kit with a NEMA 14-50 AC plug and I'm using it happily for the last two days.  I was hoping to take this with me occasionally and use it with a 14-50 to 5-15 adapter. That 5-15 would be 120V, of course. Would this work? I don't know if the 40A contactor in this kit will operate on 120V. 



Now just need an excuse to build another charger :)

The tests I performed originally were plagued by a WiFi bug. The cause of the reboots was software not a power issue. Everything is stable even at 70C.

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There is no problem with WiFi if using power from the primary rail with the UBEC 12v to 5v converter included with the WiFi kit. 

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So it looks like this: is the officially supported solution? Does the problem with the wifi module still exist?

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Jay you are correct a C240B would give you a L1 only station.

If I would change the contactor from the Packard C240C (240V) to a C240B (120V), it should work with 120V (but no longer with 240 obviously), correct?

I don't think there are any other parts that work only on 240V, correct?

And the controller are the same, so I can set the maximum current (pilot signal) to whatever?

I have finished testing the 450BXX relay. Unfortunately, it uses too much power. On its own it works fine, but WiFi is not stable while the relay is closed. While charging the WiFi module reboots every time it tries to transmit.

I also am going to order a 50 Amp Deluxe Kit, but would like to modify it with a contactor that will also work on a 120V source.

Appreciate any info on a contactor that can work with both voltages.

Anyone make any progress trying this out? I ended up buying a 30A Deluxe. Thinking about upgrading it with a 50A contactor, and trying to build a second smaller box like the old 30A basic for portable charging with the fuses and relays.

@Christopher: Please let us know in this thread. If it works with the wifi module, I'll swap the Packard contactor out for one of these.

Fantastic! I'm also planning on the 450. Since you already beat me to the punch I'll wait for your results. I'm looking to order another 2 kits soon and I would love a single 120/240 solution that works up to 40a continuous!

70 Ohm should be okay, I ordered a couple of the 450BXX relays. I will test it out with WiFi (also drawing from 12v) and see how far I can push the 4w power supply. I am confident it will not be a problem at cooler temperatures, however it may be an issue when enclosure temperatures pass 60C.

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Thanks! I think that's just what I need. I'm not sure there is enough power left to power the this relay. However I think we can use the original relays to trigger this! I have been busy and not looking for the right part. But I think this might work. I'll check it out more and give it a try!

Sorry to drag up an old thread... but along the same lines -

How tight is the spec on the 160mA coil draw? I found these:

Both with 12VDC coil resistance of 70 Ohm

At 12VDC it looks to pull about 171.5mA. Going this route I believe we could get a single box that would handle 120VAC and 240VAC up to 40/50A depending on the fuses we use... all assuming ~171mA isn't going to kill the driver.
Thoughts? Just learning about EVSE and looking forward to having the most flexible option available.

Yes, you could use a 12v relay as long as it draws less than 2w (160ma) which would be a of 75 ohms or higher. 

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