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firmware download

Dear Developer,

Could you please help me to get below information:

1. Where to download the source code of the firmware?

2. Do you have a circuit diagram or schematic for the evse and display modules?

3. Can I have the pcb layout cad files?

Thank you!


HI Nam,

All Source code is hosted on the OpenEVSE github page.

1. Firmware

2. Schematics

Main Board


3. PCB FIles

Main Board


Dear Christopher,

Well noted with thanks!

Have a nice day!


Do I need to download all items in the directory od just in the firmware directory. I haven't done this in so long I forget what I need, my opevse is still on 3.10. also what do I need to do to hookup to the wifi module to update it. I think it is still on v 1.x

If you just need the files to load and not the source code you can download just a specific binary release. Here is the latest release for each.

OpenEVSE Firmware

Wifi Firmware

Thats what I was looking for, also how do I hookup and with what to the wifi module to update, my usb adapter wont connect to it tha I can see, I have the one to update the openevse.
I just want to point out that the "Firmware" link from ultimately leads to, which is apparently doesn't have the latest production code.
Can you provide a pinout for the 10 pin to 6 pin cable?

 I'm not that familiar with Github, and can't find the change logs for the firmware. My EVSE is 2.5 years old, and I want to see if the new software is worth the hassle.

How safe is the upgrade process? Bricking the EVSE would be problematic.

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