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ESP8266 and data.openevse / emoncms - Charger not posting data

Howdy all -

So I've been fooling around with the ESP8266 device with some considerable luck, at least up until a point. I'm using a generic ESP8266 hooked up with good logic level shifters and a solid 3.3V power supply and big fat capacitors for everybody. Here's what IS working.....

The OpenEVSE - Version 3.9.0. Flawless. I had a bluetooth dongle on the serial port and could work with RAPI. I attached the ESP8266 system through these very same wires. They're fine.

The ESP8266 is getting programmed fine with firmware from via the Arduino IDE.

If I can upload firmware, the level shifters are working.

I can log in to it with my phone or computer and get to it's setup screen. Upon entering the SSID, password, and write API key, it resets and connects to the WiFi.

I can then access it's internal web site via my home network ( in my case) so I know it's getting online and it can move data over the network.

How did I know it's IP? It displayed it on the LCD - That means that serial is working between the ESP8266 and the OpenEVSE.

On Data.openevse I can (from a fresh incognito window) send a{power:200}&apikey=fe3bc203e1016a289707fbafdeadbeef

and a power reading shows up on my I know I have the right API key and web site and it's up and working,

BUT, the ESP8266 isn't populating anything in the inputs. I don't really have a way to see what HTTP requests it's sending but my gut feeling is that that something is wrong or malformed. Who knows?

It's probably not a network issue with my router, etc. since it's not the type of thing to get blocked, plus I have a bunch of external stuff running and it's all fine.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this?


Hi Andy,

If you are using the latest code that I uploaded this week you will need to use the new Device Key instead of the Global API key. You can find the new key in the Setup >> Device Setup menu. The ...deadbeef key is the global key so using a device specific key is more secure. I initialized your device so the basic setup of you inputs and feeds has been done automatically...


Hey Chris - Thanks for that. I think I have some other problems going on here. I'm assuming that when I log in to my ESP8266 via (and not through it over AP mode) and enter in my device access key, the 63CD key which I got from the device page, along with AP name, node, and password, all that stuff is updated after reboot? OR do I have to get it to go back in to AP mode and do it from there? At any rate as far as I can tell, I've changed to the device key, and I'm still getting "last updated N/A"ere 

Is there anything else I should check? The signal is not great in the garage, but I can still more or less reliably log in to the ESP8266. I might be able to borrow a beefier AP, so only then can I completely rule out a low quality signal, but after that???



Also Happy Christmas

Update - I had to (or at least this is the last step I took before it just started working) is bring it all the way back to AP mode and connect to OpenEVSE, and THEN enter in the home AP and device key, and it started working. So, either updating doesn't work except from initial setup, or I have gremlins..... or it's a Christmas miracle. 


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