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PCB Mounting Holes Wrong. PCB not same as in guide

 My 2nd input of the day.  I just discovered that the PCB I have is not that in assembly guide (for Basic kit).  My PCB has 3, 8-pin DIP ICs on top.  In addition, mounting holes wrong spacing.  I can drill new holes in baseplate, but how do I know the  board is compatible? Photo is attached.  Silkscreen is hidden under the 2, 3-connector jacks closest to power converter:  how do I find connection diagram?


The basic kits have been upgraded to the latest board, the OpenEVSE v4. It is compatible with all kit versions. A diagram is located here:

I see the diagram; thanks.  Questions remain:

     * the build guide says "connect pilot to board."  But where:  I assume to the iec cp terminal, and not the "europe" terminal.  But for $187.25 I hate to assume...

     * I can find nowhere the orientation of the 4-pin GFCI plug.  Orange to outside, or orange to power block?

     * Is there significance to the "H" and "N" on the AC Line and AC Test connector blocks?


*Correct- The pilot wire connects to the terminal in the diagram labeled "Pilot - IEC CP"

*Orange is to the inside, black to the outside.

*Not really H is for Hot and N is Neutral (or Hot 2). They are the exact same test circuit so it really does not matter.

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