Data Fusion

Today the loop has been closed... 

Data is now streaming to from 3 sources:

-OpenEVSE (current and temperatures)

-Energy Monitoring Device (reading temps, voltage and current from Solar)

-EV Data from Tesla (SOC and range... much more to come)

This allows true data fusion, and smart features. Now SOC can be reported from EV Data and OpenEVSE can read in to make smarter decisions. For example you could say charge to 84%. Or charge to 84% using the lowest current possible starting at 1000pm and ending at 600am...

Check out my Home and OpenEVSE_Tesla pages here:

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Finished a python script for Nissan Leaf... 

logging in to Nissan Carwings...

Connected, vin: JN1AZ0CP0BT004122, nickname: MyLeaf

requesting status...

sleeping for 20 seconds...

getting latest...


Range : 76616.0 Meters

Bars 11

Uploading data to OpenEVSE


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Hi Chris,  I have started my openevse build and have an esp8266 module to hook up to it but I am wondering how you make the bridge from rapi to the openevse monitoring site?  What programming do you have to do to the wifi module?


The firmware for the Wifi Module is here:

There is a tutorial for loading firmware on the Adafruit site.

Here is a Guide for setup of the Dashboard:

Got it working.  Thanks.  Now I just have to figure out how to send commands from emoncms.


You can send commands from the local wifi.

from you browser


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Thanks for the info on the Adafruit site. I'm having a hard time locating the specific info on loading firmware on the ESP8266 do you have a link?

Here is a link to the hardware I used.

This is a link on how to setup and configure the Arduino IDE to allow you to download the firmware.


Nice ! Did you already use EV data in order to pilot EVSE?

Can you share your python script?

Build myself a WiFi kit, everything is working except the erratic pilot status. I guess the pilot signal is not picked up by the EVSE firmware. Anyone have any ideas?


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