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New forum format?

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Yes, New support system for Trouble Tickets, Knowledge Base and Forums and a great search tool. Plus a Widget on the store...

Hi. I have a new kit and can't get it to work. First, it would go through self check and report a gfi failure. Coil is 45 ohm, loop is zero. Looks good. I tried to disable in set up but now get auto detect, service level: l2 and the button doesn't respond at all. I've check the wiring over and over.

Since this forum seems to only be a couple weeks old, is there an older forum with some prior, collected knowledge that I could still access?  If there is, it might help me not make silly mistakes or answer questions about compiling/building/modifying the OpenEvse in the future.

Yes, the old forum is here:!forum/OpenEVSE

It's probably fair to point out that no matter how many links you have it will never be obvious to a "first timer," that while the how-to shows pics of the evse being programmed without any connections other than to the ftdi, it will not accept the upload unless the evse pcboard is powered by the AC contacts.  I am pretty new to arduino, but it almost looks like the design goes out of it's way to create this confusion because most other arduinos I have messed with are the opposite.  However, I understand Arduino is an open hardware specification and allows for this situation.

Damian, I was able to program my board with just the USB programmer hooked to the board and the AC power not connected. The USB provided enough power on 5V to turn on the board, but I did get a "vent required" error during self test because there was no AC voltage. And the LCD backlight was a little dimmer than when it is on AC as well. If you want some more help, please post aa few pictures of your setup and the problem you're seeing. That seems to be the best way to spot problems.

Then I wonder, perhaps the process is different for the board after it has been connected to the rest of the evse components?

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