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Vent required | Pilot voltage low

Firmware 8.2.2 | Wifi Firmware: 5.1.0

I assembled/installed my charger in 2022 and it has been working fine since. A few days ago, without changes on the stations/cable/vehicle (BMW i3) the station stopped charging, error message "vent required". Rebooting does not solve the issue. Some reboots end with the error message "vent required" on the display (no vehicle connected). The web-interface shows that a vehicle is connect, although no vehicle is connected. I measured the Pilot voltage on the board. It shows 1.74V.

I searched the forum, but did not find anything. Does anybody have an idea what might be wrong? We had a power outage around that time and I powered the house through a generator (not for the first time; not charging a vehicle while on generator). Has the control board potentially been damaged?

Any feedback is appreciated!



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