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LCD screen is OFF


Maybe i don't understand how the forum works, but i've tried to open support ticket 10 days ago and i have no reply ?

I've ordered in March 2024 an Advanced Series - Kit × 1, with TFT screen.

I've start to mount the charging station - only now, because i have just finished the garage where it will be located. I have another one bought in 2023 to charge every night.

I've mount all the components using the guide, but when box starts :

- the relay test is okay,

- the LED is blinking on yellow, 

- but the screen keeps just light on with no text. 


After this first start, one board seems to have a missing component. I've double checked all the parcels and bags, no component. 



Any idea ? 

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Update. Thanks to the support, i'm waiting for new boards.
Great support from OpenEVSE team.

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