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Compatibility with latest UK rules/regulations

A charge point installer I'm in contact with over getting an OpenEVSE, bought in March 2023, is asking if it is compliant with new UK regulations recently introduced over safety and earthing under fault conditions. Any advice please?

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You will need as per instructions an RCD w/ DC leakage and either a ground rod TT earth or a PEN unit which will do it all in one such as the garo or the cheaper Matt-e.

Dedicated circuit

RCD: dual-pole Type-B RCD with 6mA DC leakage protection e.g Chint NL210, Proteus 63/2/30B

MCB: 32A Curve B MCB overcurrent protection (40A MCB can be used providing disconnecting time requirements are met)

EVSE should be earthed in accordance with BS7671:2018+A1:2020.

Earth rod* or CPC disconnection / O-PEN detection device e.g Matt-e unit should be used when applicable**.

PME earth facility shall not be used as means of earthing if EVSE is connected to an EV located outdoors. See BS7671:2018+A2:2022 Section 722.411.4.1

All terminals should be checked for correct tightness upon final installation

*Earth-rod impedance must be <150Ω for reliable charging of all vehicle types (this exceeds the 200 Ω requirement of BS7671).

**It’s possible to obtain RCD, MCB and O-PEN protection in a single unit e.g Matt:e SP-EVCP-B or Garo G8EV40PMEB

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