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Scheduler Not Working

Brand new charger installed 6/13/24. I have run 1 charging session manually 48 amps to a 2022 Chevy Bolt.  I want the simple setting of plugging in the charger at the end of the workday around 6:00 pm local, and delay the beginning of charging until midnight to use grid power when it is least expensive.  Ought to be simple.  Click on the Calendar icon at the bottom of the web page which brings up Scheduler window.  Select new timer, it defaults to every day of the week being checked, then set the Time to 12:00 AM, state to Active and choose save.  Near the top left of the main page it reads timer(with blue background) followed by Activated since 12:00 AM(with green background)

Instead of of waiting until midnight for charging to begin, it starts charging immediately.  I can select the lightning bolt from the bottom of the main page to manually turn on, turn off, or "Toggle", and these states are indicated properly in the green field, but the scheduled startup always says Activated since 12:00 AM.(or whatever other time I set it for to test)

I notice that users have been struggling with the scheduling function for several years and there have been firmware updates etc.  Hard to tell if any of their suggestions or issues are at all the same.  I have tried everything I can think of but nothing works.  Openevse version 8.2.2, WiFi v5.1.0_modified.

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You will also need a stop time. If you only put a start time, any time is within the valid window.

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