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OpenEvse Plus v2 compatibility

 I have a bare bones v2 unit I built over a decade ago when I had a Leaf. Yes, it is old, but since it still works... 

I'm having trouble locating any specifications or compatibility information for this controller board.  A couple of questions I'm trying to answer are:

- Is v2 EVSE controller compatible with the current wifi kit or combo LCD/Wifi?
- If so, would the wifi access allow me to adjust the max charging Amps or would I still need to use the Programmer?  It is plugged into a 50A circuit and the cable and handle are capable of 32A, but I believe the controller is set to max of 24A.  I would also need to upgrade the fuse and relay components, so it may not be worth it for a small increment in amps, but having the wifi access would be interesting to me.  Thanks.  -Steve

In theory it should be compatible, however we have not tried it.

You would need to update to firmware 8.2.2. You may need to disable GFCI self test.

The LCD Wifi would plug into the FTDI serial port and tap into +12v and GND for power. WiFi can control everything without a programmer, curren, timers, solar divert, etc.

Thanks.  So it sounds like I would need the Programmer tool at least to make the initial update to 8.2.2?  

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