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Rapi Commands seen to not work since a upgraded to 8.2.2

Hi guys, I upgraded my v4 hardware with (ESP32r3 2 core WiFi BLE BT) 5.1.0 (modified) and I can't put the command $S0 0 for monochrome LCD.

I receiving all the time undefined

Have you any idea?


In WiFi version 5.0.0 and above, the ability to send RAW RAPI commands has been disabled due to potential conflicts with the scheduler. 

You may need to install WiFi version 4.2.2 to run the command to set Monochrome LCD, then update the WiFi to 5.x if desired.

HO sorry, I didn't saw it.
About to use old WiFi module to active the command, is working.


Correct, you can use the old WiFi module or a USB Serial TTL board. Glad it is now working.

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