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V5.6 Controller Documentation?

 I got my NACS Advanced Kit today and started assembling it following the V5.5 Guide. Things were going well, up until the last couple of steps.

It appears that my controller is V5.6, not V5.5:


This is great! Getting lucky enough to get the latest and greatest is wonderful... until I realized that there doesn't seem to be any documentation on the V5.6 controller, and there are some seemingly important discrepancies.

There are wires and connectors coming from the NACS cable that the guide doesn't specify what to do with. There's also a temperature sensor in my kit, but seemingly no way to connect it to anything.



Finally, there seems to be a voltage discrepancy between the LCD connector on the Controller vs the connector on the LCD board itself. The controller indicates that it's going to give 5 volts, but the other end on the LCD board is labelled 3.3 volts.


I can take some educated guesses on these, but I really, really don't want to get it wrong and end up blowing the station up... or worse, the shiny expensive new EV6 I just bought.

Does anyone have any documentation on the V5.6 controller?

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The Guide has been updated:

some additional info.

v5.5 vs 5.6 there is no meaningful difference. v5.5 has through hole parts for the Optoisolator and AC relay SSR Driver, v5.6 has surface mount versions of the same chip. We made 5.6 during the chip shortage to give us flexibility, the through hole parts were harder to find.

The temperature sensor should be connected with the cable included in the same bag as the sensor. It is JST PH on one end (plugs into controller) and JST SH on the other (connects to the temp sensor. The cable in your photo is from the harness pack and is not used, we built the harness packs prior to the new display, it was previously used for the Text based display.

Voltage discrepancy - The controller has a 5v I2c expansion port and LCD WiFi has a 3.3v Sparkfun QWIIC / Adafruit GEMMA QT compatible i2c port.  The expansion port of the controller should NOT be connected to the expansion port of the LCD WiFi.


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