New 3.5" Color LCD display

We are currently building the first batch of full color graphical displays with WiFi.

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Here is a highlight video of the assembly of the new TFT LCD. We are currently building them in-house.

(17.7 MB)

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Thanks for the reply, good to know the GFCI is now integrated - should I simply enable the GFCI test option in the web UI?

Also (feel free to move this to another thread), my LCD appears to have stopped working. The ESP32 seems to work still, and the web UI is accessible and seems to work, however the LCD and the LEDs appear to have stopped working, the only light now being the green LED on the thermal sensor PCB.

Im not sure why - I havent powered it up since it was last powered, shortly after assembly. It was working then, and now it isn't.

Could this be some sort of firmware failure? Perhaps the LCD is not being initialised correctly? I did update the firmware.

I have tried downgrading to the firmware here:

and also updating to the latest firmware, but none have !he same version as the firmware that was shipped.

Until today, all these firmwares produced a display output that was just fine, so I am unsure what has changed, if anything, or wether I am simply unlucky and my LCD has had an early death.

I'm happy to probe voltages on the LCD board, if it helps - just say where...


@Ian Molton,

 Wrong firmware, you have loaded firmware for the standalone WiFi module.

You need firmware for the TFT LCD WiFi module. It is here:

File Name:


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Hi, thanks, I'd guessed it might be that, good to confirm it.

Unfortunately, although the LCD is fine now, the update feature is as broken as the original firmware it shipped with, and it now refuses to do updates (from git) when I click on the button.

Theu update starts, but dows not complete.

How do I fix this?

(the "direct install" button

@Ian Molton

Download and load via the manual install the 5.1.0 release here:

Direct install should work for future releases.

I have a question. The TFT interface has something that looks like buttons (and is called buttons in the source code), and it seems that the hardware has either resistive or capacitive touch (at least the elecrow TFT boards has it). Am I right abouy the touch being available? If yes, does it work through the plastic glass?


The current TFT LCD does have provisions for touch. The LCD does have a resistive pad and we did create the footprint for the electronics on the board, however the chip is not yet populated. The resistive touch does NOT work through the plastic. We may release a touch enabled version in the future once we develop seals that can expose the display but keep water out.

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Is this new version compatible with the ethernet mod?

Not currently, you would have to remove the WiFi/LCD to add the Ethernet board, they both use the single serial interface on the OpenEVSE controller.  It may be possible to develop some code for the Wifi/LCD to relay serial commands to/from the second serial port.

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