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Reduced max current range?

I got the advanced series 48A wifi kit and built/installed it with help from my electrician. It's on a 60A breaker, so should be able to support the full 48A. The confusing thing is, it did support 48A at first. Then I had some more work done. My main electrical panel was replaced, but that new 60A breaker for the EVSE just moved straight into the new panel. Now the Max Current slider in the OpenEVSE UI only goes up to 24A. No amount of restarting or flipping the breaker has changed that. My electrician even tried swapping it to a 50A breaker to see if it would at least go up from 24, but no such luck. Any idea what might be wrong here?

Safety status is all green, temperatures look fine, nothing else appears obviously wrong. EVSE firmware is 8.2.2, WiFi firmware is 5.0.2.

It sounds like your Service Level is not set to Level 2 (208 - 240v AC). If it is currently set to Level 1 (120v AC) or Auto please change to Level 2.

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Wow, I didn't even look at that option. It's been set to Auto this whole time, I guess at some point during the panel upgrade it decided it should be L1. Problem solved, thanks!

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