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Self Production Mode Keeps going sleep / standby

 When I configure "Self Production" (IE: Solar divert) mode on my EVSE: It will charge for a few minutes and then the EVSE goes to sleep / standby:


See screenshot above: You can see it's receiving the solar production data - and there's plenty of power available to charge, but the unit keeps going into standby mode causing my EV to send me a message saying "Charging stopped - check charging station"

This was working flawlessly up until last month or so when this issue started happening. I haven't changed any settings (Other than turning off the self production mode when I really need the car to be charged)

Version info:

OpenEVSE 8.2.2

OpenEVSE Wifi


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I'm also noticing this red error flashing on the screen quite frequently:

"Websocket disconnected"

And every time this flashes on the screen, the "Smoothed current" value drops to zero which seems to be what's causing the unit to stop charging. Once the "Smoothed current" gets back up above 6 amps charging resumes, but the "Websocket disconnected" error often comes back before the smoothed current can reach 6 which resets it back to 0 again. Or if it does reach a value above 6 amps: The websocket error appears very soon after charging resumes (Less than a minute in many cases) which triggers the "smoothed current" amperage back to 0 and the unit goes back to sleep again.

It almost seems as if the software in the unit is resetting/crashing?

Websocket Disconnect is usualy a WiFi signal strength issue. 

If you think there is a software bug, we would suggust posting here:

How would I know if it's a software bug? This only just started a few weeks ago. If it was a software bug it would have happened from day 1, right? I only updated to the latest firmware yesterday in an attempt to resolve the issue. So literally the issue started happening without any change of firmware or settings, which to me suggests it could be a hardware component has gone bad.

If the websocket error was just from weak wifi (Unlikely given the EVSE is literally behind the wall where my wifi access point sits, only a few feet away) then why would the reset cause the "smoothed current" to reset to 0? It looks to me like the EVSE itself is resetting randomly.

Surely there's a way to upload logs or something for someone at OpenEVSE support to examine and see what the issue is? I don't see any way in the UI to export any kind of logs or diagnostic information.

Like when I look at the history tab, I see a whole lot of repeat lines which seem to line up with the times that I see the websocket errors:

Not sure if this is normal? I wouldn't think it would keep creating these duplicate status updates unless something was being reset?


If there is a reset you should be able to see on the LCD display, the Wifi Version and IP address will be on the screen.

Okay. I am seeing the LCD display turning off and coming back on with Wifi version and IP address. This behavior appears to stop if I completely disable MQTT.

Yep, turning MQTT on (Regardless of whether "Self production" is enabled or not) causes the unit to reset itself constantly.


We would highly recommend posting your issue here: 

The developers of the firmware should be made aware of the issue.


However: I am sensing a bit of passing the buck here. Are you saying that the company that sells the OpenEVSE product bears no responsibility for the firmware that runs on the unit? Is there an SLA from the "developers" for these sorts of issues once they are reported? I paid a good amount of money for an OpenEVSE, around $100 more than competing WiFi enabled EVSEs that could integrate with my solar system (The difference is they were all cloud based). I was willing to pay a little extra for OpenEVSE specifically for the "local network" MQTT feature.

Looking at that GitHub issues page, I see many open issues that have been open for many months (Some MQTT related bugs have been open for years). 

I just want to understand what is the expectation on a resolution for an issue like this?

OpenEVSE LLC manufactures hardware to run the open source firmware.

The developers that write/wrote the OpenEVSE firmware (lincomatic) and the WiFi firmware are EV owners - users of OpenEVSE and volunteer their time. There is no SLA between OpenEVSE and volunteer developers.  They do not monitor this forum, they only monitor the Github repositories that they wrote.

You have received responses from volunteers both here and on GitHub in less than 24 hours. Give them a shot to help you, If you are not happy send your Station back for a refund.

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