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LED in J1772 Connector (Great Idea)

 Has anyone thought about adding a single high brightness LED to the center of the J1772 to give you a little light when trying to plug in at night?

There must be enough stray MA available when you pull the trigger to kick on an LED.

It looks like there is enough room in the center of the connector pins to drill a 5mm hole and secure a single LED in the middle of the connector.

It also seems like there may be a few "mills" of current on the pilot wire that might light up an LED.


I use my OpenEVSE on a 2014 Rav 4 EV.  I love everything except not being able to set it to a static IP on my system.

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There was a station that did this, I believe it was from GM. The LED was powered by another wire. The pilot is behind a 1,000 ohm resistor so there is not much current.

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