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BYD Tang Charging at 110 VAC

Hello, Im from mexico city, here is not a standard 220VAC, we have very limited places to pug in our portable EVSE's 

I tried with a few EVSE that "works" from 90 to 240 VAC, however, my car dont start charging at 110.. BYD says that TANG is the only model that cannot handle 110vac.. 

Is there any way to add, something like a step up inside the evse to give it 220 vac no matter if I plug it in to a 110 vac outlet?  

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Our Level 2 only kits and stations can be converted to Level 1 only by replacing the packard C240C with a C240B.

Changing from a Packard contactor to a Struthers DUNN relay, you can charge both Level 1 and 2 but the swap also requires changing the connectors to ring terminals.

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