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ESP32 WiFi w/ external antenna

 The store entry for the WiFi module currently (Nov, 2023) offers the "WiFi kit" or WiFi with external 5dB antenna."

Does the latter include exactly the same ESP32 board as the "WiFi kit", or is it a different board with some way to attach the antenna?

If it is a different board, does it require different firmware?

Or is the external antenna connection now on the "WiFi kit" board and are there any instructions anywhere for attaching the antenna and are there updated photos of this board?

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The PCB and electronics are exactly the same, however the ESP32 module is different. The standard kit has a PCB antenna which is part of the module. The external antenna version has a ESP32 module with a uFL antenna jack.

Same firmware.

Standard WiFi has a built-in antenna and no connector, it is not possible to convert a standard module without de-soldering the ESP32 module and replacing. This is very difficult even with a hot air station. 

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