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Firmware 8.2.3 and Waiting for Initialization...

In firmware 8.2.3 the BOOTLOCK feature was added which now when the power is lost and restored OPENEVSE just sits the with the message on the screen "Waiting for Initialization..."  and no charging will occur even if it's connected to a vehicle.  Once you connect to the unit via Wi-Fi and toggle some buttons it turns on and the message disappears.

Normally this is not a problem but if you schedule a charge overnight and there is a power loss when the power is returned your car will not charge.   Is there a way to prevent this?

added BOOTLOCK · OpenEVSE/open_evse@00ba307 · GitHub

OpenEVSE does not recommend 8.2.3 at this point because there is no way to enable/disable boot lock. Firmware 8.2.2 does not have this issue.

It also is a feature that may not be desirable for most users. I want my personal station to continue to charge if Wi-Fi is not responding for whatever reason.

Bootlock may be desirable if the station was paid and was controlled by a charge network. That way, a non-responsive network would lock the station rather than give out free energy.

 Thanks for the reply.   Normally I just go to GitHub and install the latest release.  Is there a way in GitHub to tell what the recommended release should be for average users if it isn't the latest one in GitHub?

The only relevant comment I can see in 8.2.3 is the one below and it sounds like the unit will fully boot up when the wifi comes on line.

8.2.3 is now compiled with BOOTLOCK enabled.
It prevents OpenEvse starting a charge while the WiFi Gateway is still booting.

I have edited the Github version numbers to add more information, added more disclaimers in the 8.2.3 notes and made 8.2.2 the "latest version" even though 8.2.3 is newer.

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Thank God I found this.

I did the same thing a few months ago grabbed the latest build 8.2.3 and updated all 3 of my chargers.

At the time there was no issue all was normal until I just updated to the latest WiFi FW.

Got stuck in what I would call a loop where I could only do manual charges after reboot. Downgraded the WiFi FW and it was good again. Then again updated the WiFi FW thinking I must have done something wrong and now Waiting for Initialization...

Lucky I found this and then downgraded back to 8.2.2 and all is well even with the latest WiFi FW.

I love your products but seems documentation, notes, small details that make things go smooth without issues for the average Joe are missing many times and added after the fact.

Also my Wifi was booting I could log into the interface no issue but it was stuck on Waiting for Initialization... anyways.

Anyways seems all good now.


i have the same problem, upgraded to 8.2.3 months ago, and I have bootlock now. My openevse has no physical button, possible to connect to outer legs of button pin with wire is the only solution.

How can I downgrade to 8.2.2?

I don't have openevse programming cable.

Thanks a lot!


Gabor Balogh if you don't have a cable how did you upgrade to 8.2.3? That would have required a cable no?

OK anyways let's assume you have 8.2.3 with no way to downgrade and are stuck with this issue. Only was I know is just downgrade the WiFi FW (download the file and upload to the board over WiFi) and that will allow 8.2.3 to operate without the issue.

Don't know why my post always have to be approved but here is the link and I would use 4.2.2 and see how things work.

Hope this helps

Thank you Mr Bond! :-)

It was arrived with 8.2.2, and later  web UI show newer version. I have upgraded via web UI.

Which wifi fw is the recommended one. 

Web ui allow to upload any wifi fw, can I downgrade there as well?

I think maybe your unit shipped with 8.3.3 and you used the web UI to update the WiFi FW to the latest causing this issue.

I tired to post a link but I don't see it maybe it is not allowed. You have to go to the FW repository download the previous Wifi FW I would go with 4.2.2 and there is an option on the FW screen to manually install the file. I would have posted links to the FW and some instructions but for some reason the post with links are not showing up.

Kuddos to you!

I was upload (downgraded) to wifi 4.2.2, which solved my issue and my openevse is working again.

Thank you!


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