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Is there a way to get a hold of openevse support?

Opened a ticket hoping to get a warranty on a stick relay issue. It's getting worse and probably need a new relay. Opened a ticket, followed up with said ticket a while back. It's been a year at this point. Did it all through the website.

Hi F M,

Have you tried the tool free number 1-877-967-3638? We are avaliable most days 9am to 430pm EST.

Can you provide more detail? An order number? Parts, kits and kit bundles have a 1-year warranty and factory built station's 3-year warranty.

Stuck relay is usually caused by arching from disconnection under load. Charging stations soft start and stop when the charge handle button is pressed. A faulty button, a vehicle that does not immediately stop pulling current when button is pressed or GFCI or "no ground" events can cause a disconnection under load.

Article on increasing relay hold power for "no ground" error.

To test your vehicle is stopping load. Press button on handle current on OpenEVSE should drop to 0A, then unplug.

Guide for cleaning relay.

OpenEVSE Support


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I have tried periodically and nobody ever picks up. It actually just rings  and rings from what I remember. Open support ticket that has been untouched since 9/24/22

Also emailed back in 2022 and never got a response.

when I press the button on the handle, it does in fact stop charging and the vehicle appears to immediately stop pulling current (audible click)

We apologize you had difficulty contacting support. 2022 was very rough with component shortages and labor issues.

I'll have to try the phone number. I too have a ticket(82811) which is over a month today, i have emailed, no response.

@ Christopher Eberle - Please do give us a call. There are currently thousands open support requests (mostly SPAM). I try to get through as many as I can after I am done processing and shipping orders, but I am obviously way behind. 

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