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OpenEVSE firmware update et MQTT reboot ?


First of all, i would like to say i'm happy to buy and mount my EVSE. What an opportunity to make by myself and to integrate in my home automation.

Everything works perfectly (solar divert, charging @min / max etc.

I have notice 8.2.3 OpenEVSE firmware is available. I've already update the Wifi in 4.2.2 with the new GUI, perfect.

I've found :

I'll tried to follow :

Even if i’ve replaced the driver as :


I’ve an error


avrdude OS error: file is not readable:

avrdude done. Thank you.


Tried with x64, x86 and MISO is on pin1 (screen is backlit).

Any idea ?

Other question : how can I reboot the GUI and/or the HW with API or MQTT command ?




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