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WiFi V4 - confusing.

Can someone explain the point of the three "Toggle Charge" buttons in V4?

I don't understand why there's a "boost" button - it just adds complication as far as I can see.
If the charger is in ECO mode why would I hit Boost rather than taking it out of Eco and into regular mode?
If it's in regular mode what does Boost achieve anyway - it's already charging at the current limit?
All it seems to achieve in our household is confusion about how to get it to either charge Eco mode or regular (import) mode. Two way of achieving exactly the same result. Why?

And what's the deal with "WiFi standalone mode"?
It used to just work on the network if it could connect, and if it couldn't it dropped back to the built in AP and away you went.
Now it seems to have an added step in there, that again I haven't got my head around. If I access any part of the interface via the local AP then what's the point of telling it I'm accessing it via the local AP?

And having just icons for everything is great for internationalisation, but makes it a bit of a lucky dip which one to push for what you want.

I guess I'll get used to it, but I can assure you my wife never will!

Earlier this week my wife took the charger away with her on a trip. Previously on the V2 firmware this was pretty simple - plug in OEVSE, connect to AP, open openevse-**** and away you go.
On the new V4 firmware I spent probably 2 hours trying to help her connect and dial down the current to the available supply. Totally flaky if it would connect or not and when it did it usually seemed to want to step through the initial configuration wizard. In the end we got the current dialled down, but still couldn't reliably connect to the main GUI.
Next day it seemed to have sorted itself out a bit and she could get to the GUI.

Today she returned home and I plugged the unit back into it's home power and let it start up, expecting it to reconnect to the home wifi and away we go again. That's what the earlier firmware did.

It didn't find our network until I'd gone into the captive portal, stepped through the wizard and waited, and waited, and waited. Then turned it off and on again, and waited some more until it finally showed the home network. Then I could put in the password again, connect to the network and finally get the GUI up.

Has anyone else had all these problems when it's moved off the home network?

I'm going to spend some time turning of our home router and forcing it into AP mode. Seeing how I go connecting, then turning the router back on and see if the OEVSE has lost the network config again.
I'll report back.


It sounds like you are using the v2 GUI Pre-release based on your comments. The latest firmware 4.2.2 is available in both the v1 GUI interface and in the v2 GUI pre-release. 

The developers do not monitor here, they do monitor the GitHub issues page here:

We would suggest posting over on Github.  


It's running v4.2.2 GUI, but I discovered it's still running 7.1.3 firmware. I thought I'd updated the firmware. I'll do that before asking more questions.

v4.2.2 of the WiFi Firmware comes in 2 GUI versions:

GUI_v1 is the older interface that came from WiFi v2.x.x and evolved with Wifi 3.x.x and 4.x.x

GUI_v2 is a new interface introduced in 4.2.2 developed by KipK and is currently in pre-release status.

Either choice of GUI, the developers do not monitor here. They track issues at Github. 


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