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EVSE shows the car connected when cable is unplugged


Running OpenEVSE 8.2.0.EU OpenEVSE Wifi v4.2.2 in wired mode.

Unit has been running fine for quite some time. Now the OpenEVSE display shows the green icon to indicate that the car is connected, even when the charging cable is unplugged. When cable is plugged in, the car does not charge.

Would anyone have any ideas on where to start with this issue please?

Display on box says Sleeping L2:16A

Sleeping indicates the station is under control of a smart feature such as timer, solar divert, MQTT, OCPP or current shaper. 

There is also a configuration option in the new v2 interface under EVSE for default state.  This one got me... I had to start charging manually each session. Active will automatically start when plugged in, Disabled puts the station to sleep until the session is started manually or through a smart feature.

We have seen this issue when the CP and PP lines are swapped, but that would be unlikely if the issue was sudden without any maintenance.

What does the station show on the display? Does it show a vehicle connected when there is nothing connected?

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