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Mitsubishi i-Miev doesn't work with OpenEVSE due to balancing behavior

Hello, I own a 2012 Mitsubishi i-miev and due to its picky nature with level 2 charging. I purhcased the OpenEVSE hoping that it would allow me to make the changes needed to charge it. The i-miev has a tendency to reduce the charge rate to a trickle while balancing the cells. This happens more and more frequently as the car is aging and now we can no longer use any non-Mitsubishi branded charger, even for level 1 charging. What happens is charging starts, ramps up to 13 amps, then periodically it will slow down to allow the BMS to balance the cells. However, I am unable to get the OpenEVSE to charge the car again once this happens. I've tried re-plugging it and turning the car on and back off while still plugged in. Sometimes physically unplugging and replugging gets it to restart, but usually only after turning the car on and off again first. Restarting the charge from within the evse WiFi interface usually works once, but for even less time than after unplugging and replugging the charger. Do you have any advice for what I should try next? Are there modifications to the firmware itself that I should try next? I'm open to building my own version of the firmware, but could use guidance on which changes to make. I've attached the log of charging attempts. Thank you!
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