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Energy Monitoring screen new GUI

In the web gui under monitoring, i would expect "session" to be just that, someone plugs into their car, session starts, someone unplugs from their car session ends, and this session value on line one should show power used so far (while charging) as well as when the user unplugs, the last session consumed XX kwh.   however as you can see in mine, the monthly use is 11.2 kwh,  but one vehicle has charged today 6.6 kwh however the display is showing the same session from two other charges earlier in the month.     Why is my session not stopping/starting based on when the connector is unplugged.  Or is that not how it works?  


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i guess what i'm saying is, if a new person plugs in, that session would start at 0 again, and remain while charging, and once finished, until the next person plugs in, then it would zero out and start counting up again.     But it seems to be acting as a cumulative counter over multiple charging sessions. 

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