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OpenEVSE give the last power when I start new charge.

Since I upgraded the OpenEVSE 8.2.3 and Wi-Fi ESP32 4.2.2 modul, OpenEVSE give and stay with the last lower AMP (power) used when I start new charge.

I explain: I start a charge with 80AMP, the car used only 26 at the begenning. At the end of charge the power is arround 1 amp. When I restart a new charge with other vehicul, the power stay at 1 amp. Is not possible to increase it. I need to restart the OpenEvse.

Weird, sorry for my English guys, I hope you understand,



(OpenEVSE KEEP and stay with the last lower AMP (power) used when I start new charge.)

UPDATE information:

Ok guys, I have make others test, the charger set to 80A, I plug my Zero SRS, the charger start but the amperage stay to 0.88. If I move the cursor 80A setting in the Gui, there the power raise to the max that the bike can take, all it's OK.

Have you a solution about it?


The Open source project it is dead? anybody can't answer my questions?

The new ESP32 is buggy.

Why I need to unplug my charger and plug in to operate?

The developers do not monitor the discussion forum. You should post your issues here:

Ok, thanks for this information 

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