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Water ingres to control box of OpenEVSE Kit

 I keep getting water into the EVSE which causes all sorts of problems. Is there a particular trick to waterproofing the unit? Is it possible I am missing a "seal" around the front portion of the box?

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The enclosure seal looks okay. see notes on your image.

The most common area for leaks is the display seal under the clear LCD window/brace, screw seals and the button.

Ensure the rectangular seal in between the enclosure and window.

Ensure there is a seal under each of the 4 screws on the outside.

Ensure there is a between the button flange and enclosure on outside.

If you continue to have issues with the display and button seals you may want to consider WiFi instead of a button and our newer clear enclosure which has 0 penetrations/seals for the display/button vs 6.


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