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do 30 foot (or longer) J1772 cables exist?

I'm looking to buy (or make) a 30 to 40 foot J1772 cable to go with a 48A advanced series charging station. 

I'm getting ready to buy/build an EVSE. The trouble I have is that I don't have a driveway that I can park my EV in. I will need to need to charge on the street. I do have a place to permanently mount the EVSE outside, but the location is far enough way that a 25 foot J1772 won't quite make it.

I am wired to install a 48A charger. I would go down to 40A if that is my only option to get a longer J1772 cable.

I have been looking all over the internet for information on J1772 cables, max-length for a given amperage, where to buy, what to buy, etc. and coming up blank. I've seen J1772 extension cables, but I'd much rather a more elegant solution.

Is it electrically sound to have a cable longer than 25'?

Does anyone sell a 30 ft or longer cable that'd work with an OpenEVSE kit?

Does anyone have an idea of the parts list I'd need to make one (for North American suppliers)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I have the same question, did you ever find out the answer?

For anyone else that is interested, this company sells a UL listed J1772 extension cable.

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