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How do I surge protect EVSE

For the second time in 6 years a surge provided by Southern California  Edison has disabled my version 2.5plus EVSE.  In both cases both 1 amp fuses and the 5V/12V power supply failed.  In both cases the car was not plugged in.

Now the 5V/12V PS is not available at Digikey.  An equivalent one has a qty four minimum buy.

Noticed that the v5.5 has a mov device but that it doesn't appear to be part of the inbound surge protection.

What can be done about this?

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I have a whole house surge protector installed in each of my electrical panels. You need an electrician to do the install though so it's not as inexpensive or an easy to install option like a surge protecting power strip. But, it does protect the whole house.

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