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No Struthers-Dunn relay in kit, Packard contactor instead?

I purchased the Advanced Series - 48A/40A - Indoor/Outdoor kit. The assembly instructions reference installing a Struthers-Dunn relay, which does not appear to have been included. There is a Packard contactor, does anyone have any idea if that is intended to be its replacement?

The assembly also appears to be changed, and I don't see anything supporting the Packard contactor - am I missing something there?

OpenEVSE had both the Struthers Dunn relay and Packard Contactor in UL labs for testing. The Packard ran a few degrees C cooler and ran a full 6,000 cycles in the durability test. The Struthers Dunn configuration ran hotter and failed after about 1,200 cycles. We are not yet sure if it was the relay or electronics that contributed, but we have the sample back from UL for diagnosis. 

We are working to update the guide. In the meantime, Steps 4 through 8 can be followed here:

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Is OpenEVSE getting UL certified?

The OpenEVSE kit and assembled version of the kit will likely never be certified. This allows us to innovate, add new hardware and new software features. Certification would lock us into a defined hardware configuration and lock many of the software modules. Essentially, OpenEVSE would be frozen in time.

OpenEVSE does provide hardware and engineering services to our customers to certify their configurations. Through these efforts we receive a bunch of data and can make improvements to the OpenEVSE kit.

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Is there a list of available UL compliant EVSE's based on OpenEVSE?

Wattzilla 80A Uno

Wattzilla 80A Duo 

Wattzilla 80A Quad

Wattzilla 63A Uno 3 Phase

Wattzilla 63A Duo 3 Phase

Wattzilla 63A Quad 3 Phase

Wattzilla Gorilla Duo 63A 3 Phase 480V

Wattzilla Black Mamba 40A

Wattzilla Black Mamba 48A

Waltzilla 80A

Wattzilla Wall Wattz 40A

Wattzilla Wall Wattz 48A 

Wattzilla Wall Wattz 75A

KGIT Home Mini

KGIT Slim Dual

Others are in work but under NDA.

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