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Not changing the charge current and not charging on solar

Since beginning of this year I have an OpenEvse to full satisfaction.

I slowly build extras to it in connection with my home automation system (Homey). Currently I am trying to get the excess of my Solar panels to be used for charging my car, but I have had a few problems with this:

1. If it takes a long period before the grid has excess, the relay has fallen off and charging is not restarted until I pull the plug from the car and replug it.

2. If I have excess and Openevse reports the car should charge with e.g. 10 Amp, it will charge at max current only (16 Amp, which is the max for my hybrid vehicle). 

I also have not been able to change the current with setting the max current in the setup part of the home screen. Could this be a hardware failure?

Thanks for any support or directions for a solution you can offer me.

A lot of work has been done in automation, divert and shaper lately. We would recommend updating to the latest release.

If you continue to have issues, you can report here:

Thanks for the feedback. As I am a bit a novice, can you point me to a source where I can find which file to take for the upgrade?

I assume I need the ESP32 version, but there are still 2, what is the difference?

If you have a recent kit from OpenEVSE, you will need OpenEVSE WiFi V1. Either GUI v1 or v2 is fine. We will be moving over to v2 soon as the only officially supported GUI.

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